Use Team-Building Events and Culture to Create Growth

Team NYC Marketing is excited to announce that we have a new partnership in the sports and entertainment industry! This collaboration is with a growing company and it provides a lot of opportunities for growth. Our leaders are being trained on this new endeavor and are also sharing the knowledge so that our team members can be successful too. Partly to celebrate, and partly to prepare for the future, our entire organization went to the Yankee game a couple of weeks ago for training and some bonding time as well.

We see our thriving company as an extension of our culture. We’ve created an office atmosphere in which each person feels safe to succeed and empowered. At the same time, we emphasize the importance of teamwork, knowing that by working together we can achieve far more than we can individually.

It’s a balancing act to be sure, but one that we achieve in part through a focus on NYC Marketing team-building events like the recent Yankee game we attended together. By giving our sales and marketing analysts some time to get to know one another outside the office, we create a space where genuine friendships can be built. The training ensures that we’re able to realize our ambitions, and help one another do so as well.

Support and empowerment are two of our cultural values. Find out more about the ways we encourage success by following NYC Marketing on Twitter.