Use These Strategies to Create Long-Term Momentum

Leaders have many duties, and one of the most important is keeping their teams motivated for the long haul. These are some of the NYC Marketing tips our leaders use to help promotional specialists maintain momentum:

” Be the Example: When our managers want to promote a specific trait in the NYC Marketing office, they don’t just ask it from others. They model the habit that we want to see. When our sales and marketing analysts hear our expectations and see their supervisors living up to them as well, they strive to follow suit.

” Incentives: We reward those who work hard to help us achieve our company’s mission. For example, we promote from within based strictly on results – not politics or tenure, ensuring that those who work hardest advance the furthest. Also, we take part in contests throughout the year that end with a variety of prizes – sometimes even all-expenses-paid trips!

” Provide Development: Our training and development program is broad yet thorough, providing professionals with access to all the knowledge and skills a person needs to succeed in our (or any other) industry. This, plus one-to-one coaching ensures that our promotional experts are always growing, which in turn keeps us excited about what we do and the people they are becoming.

These suggestions help our team members maintain long-term motivation. Learn more about how we prioritize the success of our brand analysts by checking out our NYC Marketing Newswire feed.