Options for Gaining Real Work Experience

The world is changing, and the professional realm is evolving right along with it. That means the skills required to make it these days are different than they used to be. What’s more, there are some lessons that simply cannot be learned in the classroom. Here are some examples of the lessons we teach in the NYC Marketing training program:

• Social Capital: Business influencer Margaret Heffernan explains the concept of social capital, saying, “Social capital is a form of mutual reliance, dependency, and trust. It hugely changes what people can do. This is truer now than ever. It’s impossible in modern organizations to know everything that you need to know. What you need are lots of people who know lots of different things. Collectively you’re smarter.”

• Risk Taking: Innovation is a key part of the NYC Marketing success strategy. Especially in the midst of constant advancement, it won’t do if we settle for the status quo. In many cases, people are hesitant to take the chances needed to get ahead. They fear failure. We teach our people to embrace risk, because we learn valuable lessons even when we don’t quite hit the target.

The notion of social capital and the value of risk taking are crucial to professional success. They are among the many topics our people master. Learn more about our career development by following NYC Marketing on [Twitter].