We’re Traveling to Ohio to Meet With Industry Leaders

Top NYC Marketing performers are heading to Ohio to network with other great leaders in our industry, sharing best practices and learning cutting-edge techniques. Our people will have a chance to work alongside great minds and even collaborate on ideas that will help everyone achieve remarkable success in the coming year. Along with this, there will be a fun night at Top Golf where attendees can relax and unwind together.

The benefits of this trip extend beyond the careers of those who attend the event. This is an excellent opportunity for qualifying team members to assist with training workshops at the office when they return. Networking and professional relationships are extremely important in our field, and the knowledge that those representing NYC Marketing in Ohio bring home with them can be used to advance all our careers.

Travel is an important part of our office ethos for other reasons as well. For example, we lead very busy work schedules, and knowing that there is an exciting trip we’re working toward helps us stay motivated over the long haul. Once we spend a few days away from the office, we bring newfound energy and a fresh perspective back with us.

There are many more good reasons for us to invest in travel opportunities for our team members. Follow NYC Marketing on Twitter to learn what they are, and to see what other trips we have planned for the future.