Travel Opportunities Help Us Build Camaraderie

Team NYC Marketing thrives off our collaborative culture. We know that when we work together as one, we succeed. As a group we have fun, while also helping each other come closer to reaching our career goals. One way we do this is by offering comprehensive travel opportunities for our team members to strengthen their networking skills and give them some well-deserved downtime.

Most recently, our top NYC Marketing producers received invitations to an all-expenses-paid retreat in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Those who attended this event enjoyed relaxing by the pool, a dinner banquet to recognize individuals who have hit huge milestones and a chance to meet other professionals in the industry. Perhaps most importantly though, our people got to meet and share best practices with international business leaders. These connections are sure to help us build more innovative product campaigns and allow us to identify exciting business opportunities in the future.

We look forward to this tropical getaway all year round; those who get invited spend an entire twelve months growing as people and professionals. They hit daunting objectives while helping others on their team move closer to fulfilling their potential as well. They are the best of the best, and we’re incredibly proud of them for going.

Join our team to reap the amazing benefits we have to offer. For more information visit our Careers page.