Tips to Find the Right Mentor

Every successful person will tell you they got to where they are today thanks to the support and guidance of other high achievers. There’s always something that can be learned from others. In fact, in our NYC Marketing training program, we pair our seasoned pros with other team members to ensure proper knowledge transfer and coaching.

While NYC Marketing’s mentors have a specific purpose, which is to guide new people in the same manner in which they learned to thrive in our industry, there are times in which we need another person to help us reach our next level. When it comes to finding the right mentor and getting the most from the experience, here are some things we consider:

• Know Your Own Goals: Before we ask anyone else to help us do better, we need to identify our own visions for success and our goals to get there. By having a concrete plan in place, we’ll be able to show we’re serious about our mentor’s time and home in on our priorities.

• Know What You Want From a Mentor: With our goals in mind, we can build a profile for the type of mentor we need to help us fill in any gaps in our knowledge or skills. For example, if we need to improve our writing skills, we might find a mentor who is accomplished in that area.

• Be Open to Feedback: Being a mentee means being willing to accept critiques and constructive feedback on our own abilities and ideas. A growth-oriented mind-set will allow us to absorb guidance easily.

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