Team Nights Keep Our Company Culture Strong

When we on-board new team members, one of the first things they notice is our inspiring NYC Marketing corporate culture. This is by design; we take several steps to ensure that our sales and marketing managers work in an atmosphere that empowers them to achieve their goals and develop as professionals.

One effective culture-building method we use is getting our crew together outside of work for team nights. We know that if our people have strong relationships outside work, they will bring their bonds to the office and use them to encourage one another. In fact, we have gone so far as to designate every Thursday night as Team NYC Marketing night!

Often this includes going to dinner – there is something iconic about the act of breaking bread together, after all – but sometimes we will mix things up with some karaoke, paintball, or bowling. No matter the activity, our team members always feel more connected to one another afterward, and that feeling of attachment translates into greater camaraderie in the workplace.

When one looks at the elements of a culture, they find that it’s made up of the attitudes, beliefs, practices, and experiences shared by members of a group. By encouraging social interaction, we can reinforce these attributes with one another in a relaxed setting. To find out more about how we make our company culture a priority, follow NYC Marketing on Facebook.