Team Member Spotlight on Hayden

We regularly take the time to highlight the different members of our team, because they’re the reasons NYC Marketing succeeds. This month, we’re turning the spotlight to Hayden, who deserves to be recognized for his outstanding performance this month in our office.

“Hayden is a consistent performer and one of the top in the country,” shared Jordon, the Owner of NYC Marketing. “He’s full of energy and has excelled particularly at training others. His strong work ethic and desire to keep moving forward is illustrated not only by his fast walk, but by his competitive nature. He wants to succeed, but he wants to bring those around him up as well.”

“In college,” Jordon continued, “Hayden was a wrestler for Southern California. It is clear that he’s a high-energy fellow. His long-term goal is to be the owner of his own sports bar and restaurant, so the skills he is learning with NYC Marketing are key to reaching his dreams. He stands out from his colleagues in our office for his dedication to his goals and his willingness to work hard to reach them.”

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