Steps for Reaching for a Promotion

One major career step NYC Marketing team members are often striving for are their promotions to the next levels. We want to help them successfully grow their careers, so we like to offer advice on what steps they can take to reach their advanced roles and make sure they’re ready when the time comes:

• Ensure That Your Goal Is Known: Long before you want the promotion to happen, take the time to sit down with a few key people in your company, generally your manager and mentor, and talk to them about your goals. They’ll give you insight on what they’re looking for in their leaders and what steps you need to take to ensure that you’re in line for a promotion.

• Keep Track of Success: When you go into a performance review with your manager, be prepared by keeping records of everything you’ve accomplished over the course of the year. The ability to quantify for your manager your impact makes it much easier for them to justify giving you a raise or promoting you.

• Network: We know that networking in the community and industry are important for NYC Marketing’s success, but so is networking within the company. Take the time to meet and get to know your colleagues, the leaders at the level of the company you aim to reach, and the company’s executives.

Once you reach your objective and are promoted, you have a new set of challenges to face and the same skills will serve you well in your new role.

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