Setting Up Offices in not One, but Two New Markets!

We’re excited to announce that NYC Marketing is expanding! Thanks to increased demand for our sales and marketing strategies, we will be heading in two new directions: Ohio, and Washington, D.C. Our assistant manager will be leading the charge in both directions, taking two of our most capable team members with him.

“I’ve really enjoyed watching this assistant manager as he rose up through the organization,” stated Jordon, President of NYC Marketing. “He’s always shown traits of being the ultimate team player: he’s extremely trustworthy, and an all-around great guy. Ever since he joined us he’s had a business owner mentality, and has always been a high performer. It’s always been his goal to do his best so that others could follow in his footsteps. He started out as an underdog, but with a little extra effort and determination he is now able to grow the company into new regions.”

Our assistant manager is going to be very busy just as soon as he gets into his new areas. We already have several new campaigns lined up and ready to go once the satellite offices are open. One of the top priorities will be hiring and training event managers to help support the Ohio and D.C. initiatives.

Growth is always exciting, and we’re looking forward to seeing both our new offices flourish! Follow our progress by liking NYC Marketing on Facebook.