We Recognize the Value of Giving Back

We’re proud to announce that we’re expanding our NYC Marketing commitment to social giving. Our latest team philanthropic effort involves donating our time at a local animal shelter. We’re caring for these animals by helping with daily maintenance activities and providing plenty of tender-loving care.

Giving back to our community has always been a defining element of our NYC Marketing culture. Jordon, our firm’s President, explained, “It’s important for our team to get out of the office and create a positive movement in our area and beyond.” When we come together to assist a great cause, we foster positive connections throughout our team and with local influencers as well. Jordon noted that our social impact pursuits generate more than good feelings; they also create further purpose and a lasting sense of pride in our work.

Supporting good causes also helps us add to our contact lists. The business leaders we meet through our giveback efforts help open doors to new opportunities for our company. We also connect with peers who can provide helpful insights and referrals of their own. Consumers remember our giving exploits as well, which refines our status as a company that cares.

There are many good reasons to give back to the community, which we continue to discover through our charitable work. Follow NYC Marketing on Twitterfor updates on our social impact plans.