Promote Yourself Effectively

We all know we must be our own best salespeople, but you want to promote yourself and your abilities and accomplishments in a way that doesn’t come across as negatively. NYC Marketing is in the sales and marketing industry, so we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the most effective ways to make sales that are genuine. Here are some suggestions we give to help young professionals start to promote themselves:

Start a Blog: Don’t focus on earning money directly from revenue for your blog. Instead, think of it as a way to showcase the skills you’re learning and establish yourself as a thought leader. Each month, take a different topic you’re learning and share stories about your progress, goals, and more. This also helps boost your personal SEO when someone googles you. 

Focus on Specifics: Share a specific story that highlights how you effectively handled a situation. This will work on your blog and when you’re talking to people as well. We enjoy it when potential team members interviewing with NYC Marketing have stories to share that show they really get the questions we’re asking.

Bring in Outside Guests: As your blog gains an audience, reach into your network and outside your industry to find guests to interview about the same topics your blog covers. Your audience gets a new perspective and you have a chance to talk to someone fascinating.

Promoting yourself as a knowledge leader lets you share your expertise and experience and opens unexpected doors to new opportunities.

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