Prepare for Your Presentation Like a Professional

Just like a professional athlete dedicates a tremendous amount of time to practice and preparation, so too do professional speakers. While Team NYC Marketing doesn’t speak full time, we do give regular presentations, both small and large, and we’ve learned a few key tactics that help us prepare to give the best talk possible:

• Warm Up: Just like warming up for any event or performance, you want to stretch your muscles and your vocal cords before getting in front of people. Basic stretches such as touching your toes, loosening your shoulders, and rolling your neck will help you appear more confident and relaxed. To warm up your voice, try humming a song to yourself. This helps your body get used to the feeling of sound and connects your mind with your body.

• Mentally Prepare: Positive self-talk is a great way to prepare for a presentation, whether it’s a small one to colleagues at NYC Marketing or a professionally significant keynote address to a national audience. Start with deep, calming breaths and then visualize what success looks like. Imagine walking in front of the crowd, delivering your speech, answering questions, and acing the entire event – and then go out there and do it.

As you prepare to give a great presentation, don’t forget to take the time to warm yourself up beforehand and prepare to give a good talk.

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