The Importance of Setting Goals by CEO Jordon Griffin

Every morning, I have my team write down their standard numbers and their goals for the day. We share them all so that everyone’s goals are out in the open. This guarantees that when we go out into the field, we have a mission; there’s no time to waste and the focus is on hitting our goals, 100 percent of the time.

I always expect big things, because I feel like it limits us when we don’t think big.

On your first day, you always set the highest goals possible and we need to maintain those amazing standards because they are what lead us to success that day, and every day after. So, if on your first day you decide, “I want to be a billionaire,” even though you will not achieve that goal in one day, you’re going to do better no matter what. Keeping your goals high forces, you to work towards them.

You will set average goals if you simply say “Well, I’ll probably only do X today.” you’re doubting yourself. You have no idea what you can do, so why not aim for the highest possible goal?

When we were kids we all had big dreams. Maybe you wanted a mansion—I wanted a Lamborghini—and as we get older, we keep chipping away at all of those big dreams until we just settle for things like “I just want a studio apartment.” or “I don’t even need a car.”

Life starts to beat us up and once life starts to do that, we start to accept the reality that we have in front of up instead of thinking about our goals.

No one imagines that it is possible to run a successful business by the time you’re thirty years old. That’s not something we imagine from a young age. We want the mansion, but we don’t know the process that will get us to that goal.

So, if we start limiting ourselves, if we let life tell us who we are, if we let other people tell us who we are, then we become trapped in a bubble of doubt that it becomes harder and harder to break out of.

There’s an analogy that I always talk about: fireflies. If you catch a jar full of fireflies, and you poke holes in the lid like your mom taught you, at first, they fly around like crazy inside the jar, but, eventually the fireflies stop flying, because they hit the lid of the jar enough times to figure out that they can’t leave. Then if you remove the lid, they’ll only fly to the level of the lid because they don’t believe they can fly out of the jar.

But it only takes one firefly to investigate, to test the old limits and fly out, and the rest will follow it.

And so, I ask my team, who is going to be the fly that sets the example?

We live in a fast-paced world where everything is microwaved, everything is quick, and we want that but that’s not realistic. It’s not replicable. But if you set high goals for yourself in a daily basis, and meet them with perseverance and grit, you’re creating the success that you can duplicate.

And when we do, instead of just rewarding ourselves, we turn and see how we can make other people great. Because that’s the point; that’s the mission of the firefly that flies out of the jar.