Top NYCM Producers Travel to Virginia for Holiday Networking

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY – NYC Marketing leaders recently traveled to Virginia for an exclusive end-of-year holiday celebration with other high achievers from across the country. Jordon, the firm’s President, highlighted the importance of travel.

Team NYC Marketing enjoys venturing out of the office and visiting a variety of locations together. They go to regional trainings and tropical retreats all over the world – and they do so as a group. The top leaders from the company attended a holiday celebration in Virginia with other great leaders from many different states to celebrate a successful year.

Only the top performers within the NYC Marketing office had the chance to network with a multitude of other high-profile influencers in one setting. There was a recognition ceremony, gift giving, and plenty of joy. Everyone connected with one another and shared their goals for the future. This was an important meeting, helping team leaders set high standards for 2019 as well as enjoy the holiday spirit with coworkers and like-minded professionals.

Benefits of the NYC Marketing Travel Program

There are many travel opportunities throughout the year for NYC Marketing sales and marketing specialists. Sometimes the team will drive to another high-performing office for cross-training, while another month will find them flying to an international leadership conference.

These are more than just fun perks: the NYC Marketing travel program is a vital part of the firm’s operations, and it’s a cornerstone of the office culture as well. For example, Jordon pointed out that the company is influenced by specific values like recognition, and trips are an exciting and high-profile way to let team members know that their efforts are noticed and appreciated.

Also, travel is a powerful development tool, even when the trip ends in an end-of-year holiday celebration like it recently did in Virginia. Just stepping out of one’s daily routine expands a person’s perspective and broadens his or her horizons. Trips of any kind also build such soft skills as resilience and patience, both of which are useful to an ambitious NYC Marketing professional.

When the benefits of travel are combined with the kinds of learning opportunities we provide, careers are given a tremendous boost. Brand ambassadors come back excited to put the lessons they’ve learned to work, and empowered to do so.

Jordon is proud of those who qualified for the Virginia holiday party, and is looking forward to sending even more qualifying team members on the firm’s next exclusive trip.

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