Hiring Motivated Individuals Looking for Success

With all the growth in our industry, it’s an exciting time to work with NYC Marketing. Our company President, Jordon, recently sat down to talk about exactly what he’s looking for in the next round of sales and marketing managers we’re going to hire.

“I’m excited about growing NYC Marketing and bringing in new people with fresh ideas,” shared Jordon. “I typically look for new grads who are right out of college and looking to start their careers with the right company. I want people who have a student mentality and are ready to learn everything we have to teach and grads are already in the mind-set of learning and soaking everything up. They’re also motivated to make their marks in our industry and willing to work hard to achieve that goal.”

“I also like to hire team members with sports backgrounds. They’re accustomed to working on teams and probably also have some familiarity with being in leadership roles,” continued Jordon. “This background really translates well into our industry and organization. I’m hoping we’ll find people who want to be successful because, as a leader, I enjoy helping them achieve that goal.”

We’re ready to hire new people to become sales and marketing managers.

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