Heading to Atlanta for Some Well-Deserved R&R

Our NYC Marketing company culture is designed to help our event managers feel empowered and inspired to achieve their goals while contributing to the company’s success. We don’t compete with one another as much as we compete against ourselves and any limiting beliefs that might be holding us back. When one of us wins, it’s because we have a whole organization of like-minded professionals pushing us forward.

We believe in our event managers and in what they’re capable of achieving, and we keep our expectations high knowing that our people will meet and exceed them. However, as with all companies that prioritize the health and well-being of their team members, we ease off the gas pedal now and then so that our crew has a chance to catch their breath and reflect on what they’ve learned. To unwind, we get our team out of the office on a regular basis for fun NYC Marketing team nights and social events.

To celebrate another successful quarter, we’ve decided to do something special. We’ve bought everyone tickets to see the Yankees play in Atlanta this summer! Everyone is very excited to travel and enjoy some rest and relaxation, and for those who’ve never been to Georgia we’re sure it will be quite a treat.

Trips like this ensure that our office environment remains unified and energized. See the pictures from our journey by checking out our NYC Marketing Newswire feed.