We’re Excited for R&R in Punta Cana

Travel incentives give us something to shoot for around the NYC Marketing office, and we’re currently preparing for a November R&R in the Dominican Republic. The trip will take two of our top performers to Punta Cana. Jordon, our firm’s President, explained that the two sales and marketing managers chosen for the retreat will be those who are willing to learn, have overcome challenges, and helped to develop other team members over the past year.

The all-expenses-paid trip will offer fun in the sun and prime networking potential. There will also be an awards ceremony where people are highlighted for their achievements. These getaways are inspiring because they give attendees a glimpse of what’s possible in our industry with hard work and the right goal-setting approach.

Those who earn our NYC Marketing travel incentives prove themselves as adept decision makers. We stress taking action as we pursue our biggest goals, so being decisive is key. Those who maintain momentum and focus their energies in productive ways achieve advancement and earn these rewarding retreats.

Setting the right example is another key behavior for team members selected to attend travel events. Among other things, this means being accountable for their own goals while also helping colleagues hit their targets as well.

We’re excited to find out who will be heading out to Punta Cana. Like NYC Marketing on Facebook for updates on the trip and all our top performers.