Comprehensive Training Includes Networking Skills

Our NYC Marketing training program focuses on more than just job skills or even industry-specific practices. We teach business tactics and aptitudes that lead to long-term career success, and then empower our team members to put this knowledge to practical use.

For example, we spend a lot of time on the subject of networking. Our coaches are experts on nonverbal cues and icebreakers, teaching and working with our promotional specialists until they feel comfortable contacting. We’re also masters of the follow-up and discuss how to get back in touch with a new connection.

Perhaps most importantly, we make certain that our sales and marketing analysts put their know-how to work. “Networking is a big focus for NYC Marketing,” asserted Jordon, the firm’s President. “Our team members enjoy many chances throughout the year to lengthen their contact lists. We attend industry get-togethers, community gatherings, and other events that let us get in touch with influential people. After all, a solid network is a base for success. In addition to relationship building, it’s a way to find business opportunities, gain access to fresh insights, and build confidence.”

There are many benefits to be gained from having a thriving network, and we want our team members to know them all. To find out more about our commitment to helping our people achieve their potential, check out our NYC Marketing Newswire feed.