When We Choose to Give, We Get More in Return

Social responsibility is important to Team NYC Marketing, and we get excited at the thought of giving back to the city that has given us so much. We have many plans to support worthy causes throughout the year, and we are always open to assisting more nonprofits as time and resources allow.

“New York is the greatest city on earth, and it’s a privilege to be in business here,” stated Jordon, President of NYC Marketing. “We partner with a number of groups to assist the needy, help tutor children and share some tender loving care with shelter animals. Getting involved in philanthropy is a humbling experience; it really helps us to get outside our own heads and consider the needs of others. It also creates a sense of unity within the team and gives us a satisfying sense of accomplishment.”

Another benefit that comes from philanthropy is the reputation we earn as community leaders. It’s important to us that our company name be associated with sharp, ambitious professionals, but also that we’re known as a group of caring and considerate people who are invested in our neighborhoods. By giving back, we generate goodwill that can lead to business and networking opportunities in the future.

When we support worthy causes in our area, we always get back more than we give. Find out where we’re giving back next by liking NYC Marketing on Facebook.