Build Better Communication With Your Team

As a leader, two of your key goals are to communicate with team members and encourage them to reach their highest potential. At NYC Marketing, we offer training and workshops on leadership that focus on the best ways to achieve these goals, and we’ve learned that there are a few communication techniques that seem to work really well.

Start by getting to know each team member and pay attention to them as a whole person instead of just an individual in a certain position. When you understand someone’s personal objectives and interests, you’ll be in a better position to align goals and projects. You should also make an effort to let them know you as a person instead of just as a leader. By breaking down the strict hierarchy and building strong connections with team members, you’ll be able to better inspire performance.

NYC Marketing leaders also know it is important to keep everyone in the loop, so as soon as there is information available that the team needs to know, we share it with everyone. People trust that they’re as up to date about what’s happening with the organization as anyone else, which in turn lets them trust their leaders.

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