Brittani and Dylan Are Leading the Way!

There are many values that make up the framework of our NYC Marketing culture, but recognition is one of the most important. By showing our gratitude for hard work and exceptional results, we encourage one another to achieve our full potential as professionals.

In this month’s blog, we wanted to highlight two outstanding performers: Brittani and Dylan. These account managers stand out amongst their colleagues for their remarkable work ethic. They were both recently rewarded with a boat cruise in Newport Beach, California for hitting several goals.

On the cruise, Dylan and Brittani gained from networking with other top leaders in our industry, and enjoyed some well-earned R&R as well. The boat ride was followed by a complimentary dinner and some more time to connect with others.

“Brittani and Dylan are thriving in the office!” stated Jordon, President of NYC Marketing. “Their wins are especially impressive in light of the relatively short time they’ve been on the team. They are also excellent leaders, and managing their own teams with great results. I am incredibly impressed and proud of everything they have accomplished, and I am confident they will go far.”

Our skill at finding and developing talented professionals like Dylan and Brittani is the foundation of our success as an organization. We share more about the values that influence our operations on our NYC Marketing Newswire feed.