Ask These Questions to Show Interest in a Job

Just as a company leader is interviewing you to determine if you have the right skills and expertise to fill a particular role, you should be interviewing the company to determine if you’ll be fulfilled and satisfied with it. At NYC Marketing, our interviewers expect to hold conversations with questions going both ways. If you’re unsure what to ask, here are a few questions that can help you get the interviewer talking and sharing information you need to know:

“What Is Success for This Position?”: There may be a number of different responsibilities, but you want to know the one key thing that will make or break success for the position. For example, someone who is supposed to handle both sales and process improvement can’t improve the processes if there are no sales flowing through.

“Is the Position New or Am I Filling Someone’s Shoes?”: You also want to ask what happened to the person you’re replacing. If they were promoted to a NYC Marketing manager position, you may be able to gain insight into the best way to fill the role. If it’s a newly created position, that gives you a lot of freedom to write your own script.

“What’s the Company Culture Like?”: While you can pick up a lot from observation, your interviewer may give you insight both into the kind of culture the leaders are striving to create and what working for the company is actually like.

Each of these questions will hopefully provide insight and open the discussion to more information that is helpful for both you and the interviewer.

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