Allow Us to Introduce Brittini and Najee

Our people are the forces behind NYC Marketing’s success. They work diligently to fulfill our mission, and
they deserved to be acknowledged for their commitment. That’s why we highlight some key performers every month. Now, Brittini and Najee are due for some time in the spotlight.

Brittini and Najee are NYC Marketing’s newest leaders. They are training a lot of team members, running conference calls, and setting great examples for their colleagues in the office. They really know how to make an impact throughout our firm.

Our leadership training program helps people like Brittini and Najee rise to the top. Here’s how:

” Networking: We give individuals opportunities to attend networking events in our community and in places all over the globe. When they build relationships with influential people, they open doors to beneficial resources. They are also motivated to reach impressive levels of success they discover.

” Challenging: Hands-on learning is one of the most effective means of growth. We give our aspiring leaders assignments that challenge their strengths and expose them to increasing levels of responsibility.

” Coaching: By giving professionals one-on-one attention, with plenty of constructive feedback and encouragement, we make sure they develop into accomplished leaders. Before long, they move on to support and guide others.

These strategies shape people into successful frontrunners. Check out our NYC Marketing Newswire for more of our team member highlights.